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Amazon Fishing Day at FW3
November 28, 2009, 11:33 am
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Fred and I decided to fish at FW3 after the prawn fishing session. Weather was extremely hot in the morning and I couldnt take the morning sun as well as last time…We started at 7am and ended at 1030 am as the sun was too overbearing.

Fred started the day with a retail catfish followed by 2 more red tail catfish as well.

My turn to tangle with a feisty Pacu

Fred landed an unusual suspect identified as Peacock Bass

Lucky 7
November 28, 2009, 11:26 am
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Prawn fishing again at the ever crowded Geylang Prawn Fishing pond. Michelle and I were very lucky to catch 7 prawns with tagging which allow us to have a try at the lucky dip. Fred joined us at a later stage and failed to recognise one of his prawns were tagged as well which he was not entitled to the luck dip.

We managed to win

1. 2 x 3 hr free prawn fishing
2. 1 hr free prawn fishing
3. $5 food voucher
4. 2 x $2 food voucher
5. Last but not least a handphone strap
6. 63 prawns to conclude it

Pulau Semakau Finale 15th Nov 2009
November 24, 2009, 11:15 pm
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This was a finale showdown of the champion of champions. Qualified participants are invited to compete again for attractive prizes. Weather was overcast with occasionally strong winds and passing light showers. It was high tide when we reached our fishing ground.

Desmond started the ball rolling with a good size grouper landed on rubber which earned him 2 points.

Fred landed a small barracuda not long after that which earned him 3 points.

It was very quiet after that. We decided to move to the southern tip which I lost a take on a suspected Giant Trevally which broke the water surface laughing at me. It was bad luck whole day with a broken sandal and a lost fish. Fishing came to an end at 1.30pm and it was the award presentation ceremony.

Me receiving the Semakau sport fishing league champion trophy.

Desmond receiving the 3rd placing in the champion of champions

Fred receiving the 2nd placing in the champion of champions

Then it was lucky draw time with 2 prizes to be won. Huiling was being nominated to pick in the lucky draw and Simon was one of the winners!

Group picture before leaving the beautiful island

So this was the end of Semakau fishing for 2009 and lets look forward to 2010.

Raining non stop . . .
November 14, 2009, 6:59 am
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It has been raining the whole day and did not stop till 11pm at night. Fred and I have to cancel fishing and went prawn fishing instead. Weather was cold and the prawns were not very co-operative. I have to resort using live worms from chicken liver to hook those picky fellows. Results improved and I managed to land one big prawn that broke the house rod.

Geylang Prawn Fishing
November 12, 2009, 12:26 am
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2nd time to this nice and clean prawning location.  Staffs were friendly and helpful.  Fred and his friends joined me and Michelle for a 3 hour session. We had good fun landing prawns after prawns. We decided to BBQ the prawns for supper and the chilli given by the management went so well with the prawns!

Sticking the stix into the prawns. Ouch.

BBQ them softly on the electric grill

Yum Yum

Thunder Storm did not dampen us. . .
November 8, 2009, 12:48 am
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Fred, WJ and I were scratching head on where to go and we decided to check out a old spot. Upon tedious trekking and climbing, it started to drizzle. We had to stop casting as there were no shelter except the car. We decided to head to farmway 3 after managing to buy some power mix from a 24 hour supermarket in Ang Mo Kio central at 3 a.m!

Weather was not kind to us…thunderstorm and heavy rain engulfed us throughout the night and it was extremely challenging to shoot marker. Wind was blowing strong with the marker swaying left and right. Despite that, I had pretty good results. 2 x patin, 1 x grassie, 1 x unstoppable suspected a redtail cat and a lost fight of unknown to end the day. WJ tried shooting marker the first time and attempted a baby chao phraya. Fred got zero as he ate 2 x prata with egg at Jalan Kayu. Hahahaha

WJ posing with his first prize in shooting marker

My big fat patin.

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