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Back to Nature
March 31, 2010, 10:53 pm
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It was a farewell trip for Michelle’s colleagues. They have organised a trip up to Kota Tinggi which we will be staying over the night at Kota Rainforest Resort. I decided to bring my fly gear along just in case I have some opportunities to do some light fly-fishing.

After crossing the Johore Bahru custom, we decided to have breakfast before the bus journey. Exchange rate was quite good however the food was so so. . .

Upon reaching Kota Tinggi bus terminal, its time for lunch. We were served with good selection of fried yong tau hoo and noodles. Yummy. However the weather was very warm and humid which my expression said it all.

The resort was back to nature at its best. Love the surroundings and serenity. They even have various birds in cages that can sing quite well.

After unpacking, we headed for the famous Kota Tinggi Waterfall.

Due to too many visitors on a Saturday, I can only resist the urge to fish and spend the time taking pictures of the swimming tengas.

After that we decided to head back to our resort to rest. I took the ONLY opportunity to fish and it lasted only a good 30 mins before heading for the river trip to look at fireflies. I have only managed to land a walking catfish on nymph but it was still a worthwhile 30 mins.

Time passed by so fast and its time to say goodbye to Kota Tinggi.

Sawadikap Bangkok!
March 14, 2010, 1:17 am
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It was our ritual to visit Bangkok once again to eat, shop and FISH! This was the first time we took Jetstar Asia as well and I felt that it was more comfortable than Tiger airway.

Reaching Bangkok at 930 a.m

We checked in to the hotel took a light nap before scurrying to Central World shopping mall to try the famous Nobu Shabu Shabu. The meat are really thinly sliced and fresh. The soup was fantastic. I would recommend the Mongolia soup base if you happen to visit there.

Shopping, movies and gobbling down food was the usual routine on first day. I called “Badboy” to confirm the fishing itinerary for tomorrow and was told that I will be visiting a local fishing pond where I can do flyfishing. So next day, the Thai guide called Min picked up us at the hotel and ferry us to the pond.

Lots of action and takes

Releasing the fish

Small but plentiful of them around

The guide hooked up a mama kbl on surface popper which he passed to Michelle to enjoy the fight. The fish was so strong and aggressive that it bent the treble hooks.

I had a fun day before heading back to the hotel. A group picture with the guides and beautiful scenery of the place.

Day 2 fishing was back to IT monster lake again which I landed my 50kg Araipama on 5wt fly tackle. I want to have more Redtail catfish on fly gear this time round. Setup my 5wt TFO and 8wt Sage ready for battle.

This Redtail cat have a weird mouth shape. . .

Michelle’s turn to tangle with one Redtail as I was tired after numerous fights.

An alligator gar turned up for a surprise

Another surprise which was the Asian Redtail cat. This fellow was so greedy. It vomited out a few live baitfish upon landing it.

Michelle’s turn again

Bigger specimen

Michelle did it again

Pacu on 5wt

Another Pacu

Redtail cat that put Michelle in agony and pain

Beautiful long finned Chao Phraya

Big thank you to “Badboy” once again for making this trip memorable. See you Bangkok!

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