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Michelle Landed Big Fish
November 29, 2008, 2:19 am
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Farmway 3 CNR pond was exceptionally quiet today. 3 other fishos did not land anything during their 6 hour stay. We can see that they have used all sorts of baits but all have failed. Same fate lies on us. Our rod bent when I was away. Michelle attended to it and have tried hard to battle the baby “Chao Phraya”. She was complaining that the “Chao Phraya” was giving her hell of a time.

Michelle 1 – Chao Phraya 0

I missed 3 hits by barramundi on rubber. The take was fast but I have failed to set the hook in. We can sense that the 3 other fishos sitting right opposite of us were green with envy. I went back to retie one of my tackle main line as the line was frayed so I asked Michelle to cast with the rubber. I was trying very hard to untangle a knot and have asked Michelle for assistance. She reeled back her rubber and at that very moment, the barramundi decided to take Michelle for a spin on the 6lb ultralight outfit. The fish has tried numerous times diving to the nearest snags.

However Michelle 1 – Barramundi 0

I was happy for her as she can finally feel the fight of a big fish. The pond started to get quiet again and seriously it was dead quiet. My float dipped and my rod bended hard, fish on.

iboey 1 – Barramundi 0

The pond was again dead quiet till 7pm. Told Michelle to make her last 3 cast on the rubber lure, then my turn for the last 3 cast. Upon my 2nd cast, hard hit on the rubber lure and the fish was diving towards the snag. I tried to add more drag by thumbing the spool and my rod was already at a “C” shape. The 6lb line eventually gave way.

iboey with 6lb tackle 0 – Barramundi with my rubber lure 1

Bite Bend Fight Land “BBFL”
November 24, 2008, 12:01 am
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My girlfriend, Michelle invented the quote above. Bought her to fishing. Im the fishing guide that set up tackle, casting, strike fish and land fish. Shes only in charge of fighting fish. =D These are some pictures of my girlfriend in action.

First Spot is Orchard area because now is xmas season around the corner. I was in hope to land a biggie in the crowded place but sad to say an uninvited pedestrian became victim.
Freshwater Slimy Whisky Catfish

Shifted to East Coast area to avoid the crowd and VOILA! Landed a few peacock bass that hit lures fast and veraciously. Again, Michelle was full in charge of fighting fish whereas Im the guide have to take care all the rest. =D
Taken on IMA Komomo SF95

Dedicated to those who love Peacock Bass
November 17, 2008, 1:03 am
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Arent they just cute and lovely? They make lure manufacturers so happy!

Wet November Week 2 Sunday
November 17, 2008, 12:38 am
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I have to work on these weekend because its time for me to do number crunching for every month during this period. Nevertheless my mind was still on fishing, my gf Michelle and I drove to Tampines 201 to get some power baits for tonight bashing at my secret spot. We caught the movie “Magadascar Escape to Africa” at 9.10pm and upon reaching the spot, it was about 1 a.m.

Setup 2 ultralight 6lb gear and loose drags for the fishing. It was zzz quiet for the first hour with me missing 2 bites. Decided to re-bait and cast out one of the ultralight tackles, it was during this time that my the other tackle’s drag went screaming and rod shaking!!. I lay down my current tackle, fixed the drag and attended to the screaming tackle set. Fought about 10 minutes before a beautiful featherback surface and tipping my scale just slightly over 8lbs. I took another 10 minutes to revive the fish and it was released safely back to the water. We departed the spot at about 3.45 a.m with no signs of marble goby, what a disappointment!

Tica Cetus 500 ($50)
6lb Crystal Fireline ($30)
Sure catch Tournament Special Rod ($80)
Power Bait ($0.20)
Featherback 8lb (Priceless)

Wet November Week 2 Friday
November 14, 2008, 5:39 pm
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The whole week has been raining erractically at times. I was trying to look for opportunities to try out the new lures that I have acquired previously. It was a shocker for me because lures are so expensive nowadays. There a huge variety of them compared 5-6 years ago. The price also varies in a big gap.

Rain was hovering on 13th Nov 2008 morning and stopped briefly in the afternoon. After finishing my client presentation in International Business Park, I immediately rushed home to change and grabbed my stuffs to fish at a nearby fishing hole. Took out my portable Dahon Vita D7 bike to repump the tyres and off I went.

Upon reaching the my nostalgic water hole, I had realised that I left my snaps, pliers and scissors at home. I was totally disappointed as I need the snaps to attach my lures. I dismantled my setup and stood infront of the waters and took a puff ready to go back home. The appearance of a pair of adult peacock bass spurred my interest again. I setup my 6lb ultralight tackle again and tied on a newly bought megabass V3 bullet shad spinnerbait.

The peacock bass pair took no interest in the spinnerbait despite my numerous efforts in casting and varying the retrieval and twitching pattern. Took a change, I cast along the banks and upon the spinnerbait nearing to me, a dark torpedo sped out and took the spinnerbait ferociously. The huraun was landed in a quick and swift fight.

Decided to change spot effortlessly on my portable bike. Upon the first cast along the bank, the peacock bass took the spinnerbait when it landed into the water. Fight was again short and may be due to the cold water.

It was quiet again after numerous casting and there I went again changing to another of my favourite spot. Wham! It was a freshwater catfish that attacked the spinnerbait when I was working the lure at the bottom.

I have decided to make my way home due to the spinnerbait snagged to the rocks and it was getting dark. All fishes were catch and released.

Virgin Trip to FW3
November 14, 2008, 1:02 am
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It has been a long time since I last did some serious angling. I spent some time to read through the 2 local fishing forums and came across a CnR freshwater pond located in Farmway 3. Without further hesitation, I visited the pond on Friday 7 Nov 2008. I was accompanied by my girlfriend who was eager to see some fishing action as well.

Reached the pond at abt 8.45am and can see the pond teeming with lots of surface action. There isnt many pple fishing. Paid the $30 fishing license and $1 chicken liver baits, we proceed to the nearby shelter. There was already someone fighting a big monster “chao phraya”. I rigged up 2 tackles, a 6lb ultralight spinning for lures and a 14lb spinning outfit for bait.

Just on my third cast with the newly bought Berkeley Gulp 4″ minnow rigged with owner jighead, a strong strike hit the rubber in the middle of the pond. It was taken when I stopped cranking letting the rubber sink. It was an andreline rush down my spine. The naughty Pacu was trying to cut my 6lb fireline by diving under the nets. Its was some serious pumping of my rod and upon to near landing the fish, my rubber jerked back to me and left me astounded.

After that I managed to hook the tofu like chicken liver on my 14lb spinning outfit, the rod took a big bend within 15 minutes. I was onto something big. Fought the unknown fish for 45 mins before hook jerked back once again just before landing. Estimated the fish was the famous “Chao Phraya”.
Fighting Big CPC

Lost 2 strikes on chicken liver bait and action was dying down, so decided to buy some livebait at a nearby farm. Wham! and the rod bend again and again and again.

Ended the day with last 2 baby “Chao Praya” with no pictures taken. My whole body was aching and thanks to my girlfriend for being a good sport that stayed throughout the fishing session.

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