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Pulau Semakau 29 March 2009 Fishing
March 30, 2009, 10:27 pm
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A trip to Pulau Semakau island lure casting was organised by the Sport Fishing Association Singapore (SFAS). 29th March 2009 is the first opening session for 2009 therefore I have signed up with Desmond and Huiling for this trip.

Beautiful Semakau island

Anglers casting along the beautiful waters.

Upon my third cast with the Chug Bug, I began working the lure back and upon reaching the drop off, there was a huge take that sent my rod bent and my reel screaming. Initially I thought it was a barracuda but Desmond recognised it was a Queen fish when it made a jump out of the water.

Mr Chin of SFAS took this while I was bringing in the Queen fish.

Desmond helping me in lip gripping the fish

My prized 12lb Queen fish on my 10lb outfit

Desmond assisted in reviving the fish.

Desmond and Huiling had a few takes but however that did not register a solid hookup. We decided to walk to other spots to explore. I had a good take on my Yozuri L minnow but the line went slack after some short runs of the fish. The lure came back with a open hook. I rebent the hook and lighten the tension abit and casted the same spot. A solid take registered and finally managed to subdue the small fellow.

Needlescaled Queenfish taken on Yozuri L minnow

Desmond landed a todak while I was resting in the shelter. It was a good day of fishing and meet up with Desmond & Huiling.

Project A Second Attempt
March 21, 2009, 11:49 am
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Met up with Desmond early in the morning and straight we headed to the Ground. Upon reaching, the water has risen due to the last few days of rain. Nevertheless that did not dampen out mood to execute the plan. There are surface rises as usual and we started popping all the way. Desmond managed to caught 2 toman but was released due to hook injuries to the mouth and eye. I managed 3 toman and was bagged for Project A. Only 2 toman managed to survive upon reaching the “A” ground. Nevertheless it was still a fruitful attempt.

Mouthful Despite Small . . .
March 18, 2009, 12:39 am
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After 2 days of heavy downpour, today’s weather was hot with strong evening sun shining right smack in my face.  I had some misses on the usual wary big peacocks and managed to entice a small “bucketmouth” with the usual black clouser. Not bad results despite heavy fishing pressure and smart fishes at this ground. Better than zero.

Project A : Surface actions
March 14, 2009, 12:39 pm
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Went fishing with Desmond for Project A however many big spiders have block the path to our original intended spot. Desmond decided to change to another spot and we noticed that the water level was exceptionally low due to the dry season. Water was peacefully calm with some small rises. Desmond skillfully hooked up a toman upon his first cast with his trusty chugbug. We have numerous misses and I managed to land 3 myself. I have been away too long for toman fishing and the thrill of toman jumping over the water whacking my DUEL 3D popper was a sight to behold. 3 tomans have been selected for Project A however only 2 survived upon reaching Ground A.

26th FEB 09 BANGKOK: IT Lake Monsters
March 6, 2009, 1:45 am
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We woke up at 4.30 a.m Bangkok time to prepare for our 2 hour drive to IT Lake Monsters famous for its Amazon fishes. I have been wanting to land an arapaima regardless of size. I told “Boy” to get me an arapaima to fulfill my dream repeatedly!! Haha!

Beautiful scenery of the lake itself and its such a natural and relaxed place to fish in!

The bite was fast and furious with me hooking on a big barramundi on my 3rd cast! Barra was lost due to its famous head shakes…However the morning was started with red tail catfish landed giving me a good workout. “Boy” again has been top notch in his service and guidance.

Another red tail catfish pulling like a bullet train upon hookup on lure!

After Michelle came back from the local market getting breakfast, she hooked on another train while I was in the toilet!

Red tail cat are abundant in the lake with yet another one landed in a short while

The red tail cats are still biting when the sun is shining hot on my back around 10 a.m Bangkok time.

I decided to change to my 5wt fly tackle to hook some red tail cats. However due to my improper set hook technique, I lost a cat on fly. I was being later educated by “Boy” on the proper hook setting techniques and boy I was rewarded with an alligator gar on my self tied fly!

Things started to quiet down with me casting lures under the hot sun with no more results. “Boy” hooked on a pacu on my fly tackle. He instructed me to cast on the same spot kneeling down just in case spooking the fishes. Bam! I was hooked on pacu too on my first cast.

I moved around the pond to fly cast but with no results again. I came back to the wooden bridge and knelt down casting with “Boy” secret fly. I missed a bite and my heart sank. I repeatedly cast around that spot and BANG! fish on! The line stripped from my thumb like a train that burnt my fingers. The fly reel spinning like crazy with the handle knocking my thumb a few times while I was trying to control it. It was really painfully sweet. “Boy” came over and saw its a decent size arapaima hooked up while it came up for air. The fish took several long runs with my backing almost finished. I have to run along the banks to recover lost line as my backing is on the brink of finishing. After a persistant 45 minutes fight, the estimated 40kg+ to 50kg arapaima had finally subdued. I was like freaking happy and excited. Not only did I caught a arapaima but I did it on a 5wt fly tackle. “Boy” told me Im the only one in the world now to land this size of arapaima on a 5wt fly tackle using a fly. What an achievement and luck I was bestowed upon. “Boy” was cursing that the his secret fly were hooked too deep and cant be retrieved. Hahahah!

“Boy” reviving the arapaima

It was 2 p.m when the photoshoot of arapaima has ended. We are able to start baiting for the rest of the day. Red tail cats decided to visit us again.

Evening time came and “Boy” were still very hardworking hooking up baits and making me and Michelle fought fishes non stop! No wonder he is called “BadBoy”!!!! “Boy” was trying very hard to make me land a sorubim spotted which is a cross breed of redtail cat and sorubim barred. Indeed luck was on our side!

Another baby arapaima was caught on dead bait which was totally unexpected!

Sunset arrived and “Boy” were still making us fought fish again and again. I told Michelle to take over as I was too tired. Hahaha! Another sorubim spotted landed by Michelle.

24 Feb 09 Bangkok: BoonMa Farm
March 5, 2009, 11:46 pm
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We woke up with muscle pain all over the body and today we would be going to the Boon Ma Farm that stocked barramundis in their ponds. The drive was about 1 hour into Chon Buri area from Bangkok city and the traffic had been kind to us in the morning.

On our way to the pond with many serene places that Singapore lacked of.

The day started abit slow for us due to the existing lures I brought. Or was it the barramundis are too seasoned to previous anglers who caught them? However we started to have some bending rods and screaming reels that put us into comfort zone.

This is the small wooden bridge that the barramundis love to cut my light braided lines.

“Boy” showing us how to get the barramundi attack the fly. Its not ordinary fly fishing that stripping the line will be effective but slapping the water with the line. “Boy” told me that the barramundi in this pond attack on sound. I was like a confused kid. He managed to prove to us with Michelle fighting her first fish on my 5wt fly tackle.

After adopting “Boy” technqiue, I managed to land one on fly tackle too!

Michelle managed to hook on a boga weighted 15lb Barra!

More barras on lure and the damage done to the hooks! Numerous fishes were lost too due to hook bent!

Sick and tired of hooks bending, I decided to switch to fly fishing again. Its not easy to use “Boy” technqiue as I’m a bad caster and the wind was exceptionally strong. Luckily my persistence finally pay off.

Game on again with another barra on fly! “Boy” is a great photographer as well which he took alot of nice angle shots for me! Its a boga weighted16lb barra on my 5wt!

Ended the Barra fishing with yet another jumping barra on fly tackle. The feeling was great!

After that we proceeded to the next pond for some haruan or local snakehead fishing, “Boy” managed to scored 1 nice haruan on the weedless frog!

23 Feb 09 Bangkok: Bung Sam Lan Lake
March 5, 2009, 10:53 pm
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Touched down Bangkok 22th Feb and alias with “Bad Boy” the fishing guide for logistics. Taxi picked us up about 8 a.m Bangkok time at our hotel and we are excited about the fishing. My targeted fish for Bung Sam Lan Lake was the Giant Siamese carp which I did not managed to land 6 years ago.

Upon reaching, “Boy” welcomed us and brought us to the public fishing area where his other guides are busy preparing the bait for the day.

“Boy” prepared 1 rod for the mekong catfish while the other one will be targeting the Giant Siamese carp. The day started with patin stealing the bait meant for the carp.

After awhile, Michelle was engaged with in a battle with a small mekong catfish. Its the first time for her fighting such a powerful fish and it almost took her life away.

Small Mekong for me in a short time span and Michelle landed another patin too.

Patin yet again who kept stealing the Giant Siamese carp bait

We stopped for a quick lunch which the food was affordable and delicious. Seafood fried rice, pineapple fried rice and stir fried chilli pork. Yum Yum

Yes finally its the Giant Siamese carp that sent the Shimano Baitrunner 4500 screaming with joy!
While I was fighting the fish, the guides are ready to net the fish while it was near!

“Boy” took care of all the fishes we caught with a proper mat and water been splashed over to prevent further hurt being done to them. “Boy” trying to remove the hook from the Giant Siamese carp as quick as possible for a photo shoot. I was like so exhilarated landing the long awaited carp!

The day ended with more mekongs and pacus…. Michelle and my bones were almost on the brink of shattering…

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