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Fleeing Shrimp Impression
April 30, 2009, 12:05 am
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This is my first attempt in creating a fleeing shrimp while stripping the flyline based on my own impression.

Size 8 Gamakatsu SS15 hook


Pulau Semakau April 26th 2009 Trip
April 26, 2009, 9:27 pm
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This was my second trip since March 2009. I decided to bring my newly bought TFO TiCrx 5wt flyrod and my baitcasting gear to this long awaited trip. Weather was exceptionally hot and has been cruel to us leaving most anglers with a burnt out face.

I did not land anything on lure but has been patiently casting lures around to cover grounds. Desmond’s friend managed to hook up a garfish soon after we arrived at southern tip. I decided to switch to fly gear to try hunting for some resident fishes which may be spooked by the vast array of lures chucked at them.

Soon I was rewarded with a crescent perch aka “kelong chi” on my size 8 charlie. Luckily it managed to grow up to 10 inches barely for me to qualify at least 1 point.

Just minutes later, I got a firm hookup with a jumping tarpon. It brought me an additional 18 points to add on to my bag.

I decided to change to a smaller charlie of hook size 12 and it exploded with a baby Spangled Emperor aka “Leng Jiam”. Charlies proved to be too tempting for the fishes after all.

I move on to cover more grounds with occasional misses before another solid hook up on a 10 inches Seagrass Tuskfish.

I was hoping to get another crescent perch but a small Anchor Tuskfish grab the micro charlie fly greedily.

I stopped at 12:30 p.m as I’m running out of drinking water. I left Semakau with a burnt face and of course the $150 winning vouchers. Hehe =D

I am HUNGRY . . .
April 21, 2009, 9:16 pm
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Broken Fly Rod upon 2nd cast
April 21, 2009, 9:08 pm
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My beloved Albright A5 #5 fly rod has broken during my 2nd cast when fishing.

Did not even fish properly and have to go home empty handed.

Where’s my soon hock ?
April 11, 2009, 12:48 am
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I have been trying to land a soon hock aka marble goby on lure for quite some time. The last one I landed was few years back at Lower pierce reservoir on Berkeley rubber worm. The soon hock was estimated about 4kg+ range.

Thought it was the soon hock but in the end turned out to be a tilapia.

A small aggressive peacock bass by my friend.

Lure colors to use . . . if you know Chinese . . .
April 7, 2009, 11:41 pm
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许多初次对拟饵产生兴趣的钓鱼人,在刚始的偕段,住往对购买拟饵的颜色无从下手,以我为例,初次接触拟饵 时就深深被此类钓法所吸引,在购买拟饵时住住只依着自己所欢喜的色彩下手,完全没顾虑适不适合某些钓场及实不实用于针对那种对像鱼,所以有些钓鱼人会说, 拟饵首先钓到的是人不是鱼,这话也不无道理,钓鱼人对顏色有很多误解,尤其是对鱼所能看得见的顏色究竟有多少种这个问题,误解更多。以下文章是来源自 ,在这文裡,我们只谈在垂钓方面產生实际效果的顏色的应用,并将之限制為9种可在自然界中找到的色彩,这些色彩為红、紫、橙、黄、青、蓝、银、白和黑。以 正為从拟饵应用的场合中,及各种不同清晰度的水域,从水底中长时期观察各种顏色所得的发现,以供各同好参考.
顏色其实是一个波长(Wava Length)(波长意指声波或电磁波相应点之间的距离),而水则在不同的深度过滤不同的波长,同时消除不必要的顏色。如顏色在某一深度被水过滤掉,则不管你或鱼的眼睛是否看得见,那顏色其实已经消失了。不存在的东西肯定是看不到的
可视度 最佳色彩 说明

1)100% 任何颜色都行 全部颜色在这水中都能看见,有效的色彩为类似自然界颜色者.

2)80% 红色 能使掠食者发狂.红色也是鱼腮的颜色,这个是掠食者攻击的重点

3)60% 紫色 紫色和蓝色一样,在美国是特出的阔嘴鲈致命颜色,紫色在不同的距离内会被看作是蓝色.

4)40% 橙色 拥有跟黄色一样的对照效果,只是稍微温暖和不显眼,带点轻微的红色使他和黄色有所区别,一些饵鱼具有橙色的条文或者斑点.橙色在大多数的水底阴影中都能凸现出来.

5)30% 黄色 全天候猎鱼颜色,原因可能来自他可以很明亮的反射光线,使他在水中和部分物项如掩护物,天空和水底成强烈对比.鱼在很远的地方也可以比任何颜色更容易发现 黄色.虽然他在很远的距离时会转为淡白色.

6)15% 蓝色 用于钓阔嘴鲈的蓝色软蚯蚓在美国,全天候的最畅销颜色,当我们在水里观察时,蓝色不管是在多远的距离始终都是蓝色,而在海洋中当全部颜色消失时蓝色依然是 蓝色,毫不受水的能见度影响.

7)15% 银色 在自然界中银色往往被视为鱼的颜色,尤其是鱼鳞反射光线的情况下.一尾在水中快速游动,鱼鳞在光线的照射下闪闪发光的饵鱼马上就会吸引掠食者的目光,银色 成为其中一种最受欢迎的颜色是因为即使在只有5-20%能见度的水中也有效.

8)15% 白色 这颜色反射全部光线,它在任何状态的水中都能看得见,即使是充满泥浆的浊水中也非常见效.

9)底于15% 黑色 除了白色之外,黑色在全部颜色中都能产生对照效果.

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