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First & Maybe the Last on Sea
October 1, 2011, 9:28 pm
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 The pictures of Regis island with almost like Maldives clear water and deep drop offs inspired me to plan a fishing adventure. Upon reaching Tioman, the weather was cloudy and windy with fair bit of choppy waves. Nevertheless I still went ahead with my plan and setup almost immediately after my check in to the resort.

Setting up and ready for launch

Choppy ride to the Regis island

Landed on the Regis island

Plentiful of small groupers but too many snorkelers therefore did not fish too long

I decided to relaunch the kayak and plan to cast while I drift back. It was a terrible mistake with wind howling at my back and underwater current moving in opposite direction! Less than 50 metres away from the island, my kayak flipped and I went into the water with all the flyline tangling around my leg. For a moment I thought I will be dead in no time. I calmed myself down and try to untangle myself from the line with one hand holding on to the kayak and the other hand grabbing the sinking oar. It was almost an impossible task especially my bag was filled with water and pulling me down.

Thank God that I managed to get myself out of the messy line but it was almost fruitless attempt to overturn the kayak again. There was no one or a single boat nearby and none can come to my rescue. I swam against the current with one hand pushing the kayak and the other holding on the heavy sinking oar and my rod. The 45 minutes swim seemed like eternal as I was unable to swim back to shore due the strong underwater current. Fortunately, a boat spotted me from the other side and came to my rescue.It was really a hallelujah relief moment for me. I am extremely thankful that I am still kicking alive.

Upon arrival in Singapore, I got to know about the unfortunate incident that a boat capsized with anglers thrown aboard with 2 missing Singaporeans. I can almost relate to it instantly. May God bless the 2 missing Singaporean anglers’ families.

I want to admit that I am truly reckless in my push for adventure. I cant emphasize more that SAFETY IS PRIORITY!

Kelah at Babagon
January 29, 2011, 4:17 am
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Sabah Babagon Trip July 2010

Small Kelah devoured a size 6 orange stonefly nymph when I was nymphing at the lower part of the river.

Goodbye Babagon

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