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Pulau Semakau 19th July 2009
July 20, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Fred was sick and almost cant make it. But I was glad he made it in the end which was a fantastic fishing day for both of us. I was late as usual for the meetup at West Coast Pier before we took the boat to the beautiful Pulau Semakau island. It was neap tide and unusual due to the previous trips were made from low to high tide.

Fred got a firm hookup on a baby GT while I was casting on the other side. He shouted to me and I immediately ran to him for a quick photo session before the fish was released.

Fred’s 10 inches GT

After that, its my turn to tangle with a 10 inches GT.

While I was talking to Fred and twitching my lure erratically back, Fred saw a shadow chase after my lure. For a instant, my rod bent with line peeling out fast. A beautiful 3.5lb GT was landed with the help of Fred.

Fred was saying the water is so calm and nice so he took out his newly bought Surecatch wood chopper style lure to “chop” the water. Not too long, a queenie gave an explosive strike at the lure. Fred was exhilarated by the sight and he was rewarded with a 17 inches queenie.

I was thinking “WOW SO FIERCE” so I changed to a silver chugbug and pop too! Another 15 inches queenie decided to strike the top water lure.

Everything was very quiet after that. I was lucky to registered another 10 inches GT with a very strong take on the lure. I thought it was a big one but turned out to be a baby.

I lost a good size golden trevally on POPPER, MINNOW and RUBBER! 3 times in total! Gave up and we went back to the meet up point for the gathering.

Belida .vs. Haruan
July 18, 2009, 10:12 pm
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Night fishing at a spot which we never visit for a few years. Only 2 bite registered for the whole night which Fred landed a 4.5lb belida featherback and a 3lb huruan for me.

Fred’s 4.5lb belida featherback

My 3lb haruan

Lucky Fly Fishing Day!
July 13, 2009, 9:41 pm
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I wanted do some nymphing with my self tied pheasant tail nymphs. Managed to score 2 Eartheaters.

Quickly change to a damsel fly in search for sebarau. Missed 2 gentle bites and my heart sank. I persisted casting on the same pathway and BAM! Solid hard hit by a jumping sebarau! Nice good fight on my 5wt.

Hoping to land a 2nd sebarau, i continued using the damsel fly. However a different hard hit on the fly registered me a fierce small temensis peacock.

Action died down and I decided to move to another HOT SPOT which is the current HOT TOPIC in fishingkaki forum. It was fast that I landed a peacock bass. There were few circling beside it while I was landing the fish however they were not interested in my flies after that. Nevertheless, not a bad first time trip to this HOT SPOT.

Unexpected Catches
July 5, 2009, 2:46 am
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Particular spot mainly yield small peacocks as a tradition. I have never scored any personal best at this spot but a solo fishing trip in the afternoon gave me a good run on my new redington fly reel drag. Initially I thought it was a sebarau but turned out to be a very good size peacock bass which I never thought will exist here.

Another fish that is on my target list for quite sometime is this beautiful Eartheater!

What are the odds?
July 2, 2009, 10:12 pm
Filed under: Fly Fishing

What are the odds of hooking up a freshwater goby on a fly stripped fast? I did it!

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