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Frisky Pacus & Burning Fingers
April 30, 2010, 12:55 am
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It was a trip that everyone was anticipating as we have heard from the pond owner that he has recently stocked the pond with many Pacus.

With tips and guidance from Mah, Nelson and Gan, it was a few nights of tying flies after work in order to prep myself ready.

We met at 8pm at Commonwealth MRT and it was a long journey to Jemaluang located in Johore Malaysia. Upon arrival to the pond at 12 a.m midnight, everyone settled down and began setting up to try their luck.

I was asked to try as well when I saw Nelson got a hit on the Pacu. Off I went setting up my 5wt TFO and with my trusty black zonker fly, I chose a quiet corner to fish.

I got a Pacu just upon my first drop in the water without even stripping the line. A handsome Pacu greeted me out of the pitch black water.

Not too long Mah got one too and followed by me again with a larger 5lb specimen.

The results were surprisingly good and we decided to retire so as to have more energy for the fishing next day.

Everyone woke up at 7am and I made the first cast of the day and almost instantly a hookup.

Gan & Nelson casting on the floating bridge before the sunrise.

Next I have manged to land a baby sebarau which gave my fly a good run for its money.

Mah was the first to launch its Alpacka boat to hunt for the Pacus.

Nelson trying his luck on the snakeheads

Gan bringing the Pacu near for landing

I decided to kayak out to flyfish as well and not too long I was rewarded with Pacus continuously.

One more on land before lunch time

After that in the evening and next morning, we have lost count the number of Pacus which we landed.

It was a good trip with line burnt fingers

Big FAT Tilapias
April 25, 2010, 11:24 pm
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I was invited to test a private pond but only managed to land many of such big size Tilapias. Most of them were taken on beige colour zonker flies. They must have mistaken the fly pattern for bread.

Favourite Flies for Pacu
April 18, 2010, 4:12 am
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These are some of my favourite fly patterns for Pacu fly fishing. Stay tuned for Catch Report soon for Pacu Flyfishing.

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