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Lunar New Year Day 2 Morning Luck
January 28, 2009, 10:00 pm
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I couldn’t sleep at all therefore was up whole night cleaning my nano shrimp tank that have been maliciously attacked by green algae spots. I finished cleaning up at about 6 a.m and was tired but not sleepy at all therefore decided to try my luck in morning fishing. Its been a long time since I cast some lures at my waterhole in the wee early morning.

Water was calm with no movement at all. I rigged up a Owner’s Zip’n Ziggy and casted far out into the open water. I was hoping a giant snakehead will break the surface and take the suface pencil lure. Instead a skinny Peacock Bass crashed the pencil lure upon my second cast! I was like “WOW SO LUCKY!”

Things started to get quiet after that as I move around casting lures. Suddenly a torpedo cruised behind my Abu Garcia spinner lure and it missed biting it! Not once, but thrice!! I was like “WOW SO UNLUCKY!” It time to go home to wash up when my watch struck 8.30am but I decided to try my luck one last time. I managed to spot 2 pair of breeding peacock bass guarding their nest. The male took the spinner after a few times harassing it.

2.5lb Male Peacock Bass taken on Abu Garcia Reflex spinner

After trying different lures, the female decided to go for Yozuri baby L-minnow.

Punggol Prawning yet again!
January 26, 2009, 1:33 am
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Michelle wanted to visit the punggol prawning pond for her revenge again. It was a very crowded Saturday night with lots of rods in the water. I broke my own record for Punggol prawning by landing the first prawn in less than 30 seconds. The first prawn registered about a minute for my the previous first trip. After that, the bites seemed to slow down in the beginning but it went crazy for me and Michelle after that. Prawns and prawns after that!!!

43 Prawns held captive

Many big prawns among the small ones that we have landed.

Virgin Trip to Punggol Prawning
January 26, 2009, 1:27 am
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Michelle and I was wondering where to spend our night…Fishing or Prawning? We decided to visit the new prawning pool situated at Punggol Marina. You can refer to this link for more info.
Prawning Pool

Pond was quite crowded for a Friday night at about 1am. There were a bunch of girls who foul hooked prawns instead of the usual way of catching them. That really pissed me off. Michelle was not on form and she only managed to land about 5-6 pieces of prawns during the 3 hours.

24 prawns after the first night prawning

Cleaned and ready to be fried

The yummy end result

The free iPersonic Personality Test
January 20, 2009, 11:30 pm
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Peacocks are getting smarter…
January 19, 2009, 11:08 pm
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Managed to spot the pair of peacock bass that throw off my hook last week. They did not took interest in any of my lures, flies and rubbers that I have casted at them for about 2.5 hours. Even the sexy Jackall Giron failed to entice either the male or female peacock bass. With great determination, I managed to tempt the female peacock with a Basspro XPS 10cm minnow.

Jackall Giron

Female peacock fell victim to Basspro XPS 10cm minnow

My newly acquired reel . . .
January 17, 2009, 2:49 am
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Got this off from an ex-campmate. I was the first one to land a fish on this reel. Met him up at FW3 pond and I immediately switch to this reel for some lure casting. I managed to hook up a baby CPC and tested the reel drag zzzzzz. The power knobs makes the cranking so much easier.

Shimano Nexave 2500

Cold water….Dead fishes…Zero Bend…
January 13, 2009, 10:43 pm
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There was a shower in the afternoon, thinking it would be good to visit FW3 since there would be some new water added to the pond. Reached there, water was cold. No big fish bites but there were the usual smaller fishes who gave some anglers fun. Lost a fish on lure during a brief fight. I was aiming the big one but was never rewarded. Not even a slight bend of the rod. -_- The pond helper also fished up 3 dead sea bass and I was wondering why the water was not very good for some reason.

Taking the dead sea bass out of the pond

Packing into the bag

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