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农历新年 2010
February 27, 2010, 12:21 am
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We had some serious fishing almost everyday during the 农历新年 holidays. Results were not bad and to cut the story short, here are the pictures.

Beautiful bump head matured peacock bass.

Patrick with a good size 4.5lb Temensis

My feisty sebarau took the charlie on my 2nd cast

Albert with his 5lb Temensis

Flyfishing Maldives Jan 3rd – 13th 2010
February 18, 2010, 12:15 am
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There were more pictures but I have not get them on hand. These are what I have now for the time being.

I have been waiting for this day to come for so long . . .We gathered at the Changi Airport T2 for group check in and we had certainly raised some curious eyebrows among the public. Big rod tubes stacked on the trolley as though if we were going for a massive military operation. We even have boxes of food to be flown in as well.

Upon reaching Male airport, we met up with Mohammad and proceed to the mother ship using the water taxi to cross the sea.

The next morning, the mother ship started moving up north which took us about 1 day. Before the ship anchored for the night, we are allowed to proceed to an island for some warm up casting for 2 hours. It was a good warm up for me to ensure whatever I packed are in place and must be at ease when retrieving them.

Hun landed a trumpet fish and he immediately posed it with a Wong Fei Hong stance.

One of the most beautiful small grouper that I have landed.

We slept early to prepare for full day fishing the next day. It was going to be an exciting experience for me as I have done such blue water fly fishing on flats. After a good heavy breakfast, we were off to the island to self explore and combed the area as much as possible.

The small dinghy that ferried us to islands everyday

Baby GT

Good sized spangled emperor abundant

Assorted fishes that hanged around the coral patches.

My first banded trevally

Gan helping to revive the banded trevally back to its home.

Beautiful flats and clean water

Beautiful coral fishes

However disaster struck just on the first day of fishing, fly fishing veteran Nelson had a bad fall which rendered him fishing due to a badly injured knee.

Nelson going strong at the surfs

A bad slip and fall caused Nelson’s downfall

However on the good side is that Mah was the first one to land a bonefish on a charlie fly pattern. This beautiful shot was taken with his camera.

On the 2nd day, the island we had embarked on was extremely huge with really long lagoons and surfs. Walking in the water was extremely tiring for me especially for a first timer. There wasn’t much fishes either to be spotted with naked eye. Most of us headed to the surfs but few of us stayed long. The tide was coming in fast and water is rising above hip area. Getting a strong foothold was extremely challenging with many sharp coral patches around. Fortunately Aaron landed a good sized Giant Trevally right at the surf which gave him a good workout.

It was time to head back to the island for lunch and the walk was simply taking my breath away. I managed to get a good size spangled emperor which I took a underwater picture of it.

I made random cast among the coral patches and out of the sudden I hookup a giant stingray which burnt my fingers on its first run. It went around the coral patch bursting my leader almost immediately. Just 10 minutes later, I spotted a pair of good sized bluefin trevallies roaming around scouring for food. I flicked my tan charlie less than 10 feet away from me and one of them sped to swallow it in just a blink of the eye. The fight was strong and I knew it was a good size bluefin trevally. I shouted for Aaron to come near me to help me take a picture and unfortunately the hook came off when I was about the land the fish. I was cursing #$%#!# myself in my heart.

Nearing the island, me and Aaron saw Mah fighting bluefin trevally in the channel. The tide was rising and the water were rushing into the lagoon. Aaron and I almost forgotten lunch and began casting into the channel. Not too long, we were rewarded with bluefin trevallies.

Mah’s bluefin trevally.

This was how we do lunch on Maldivian island everday. Sitting right in the beautiful scenery and warm sea breeze blowing towards your face while enjoying the lunch. Sharing of stories on hook ups and misses of the morning fishing.

Third day came and we have arrived to one of best island that we had flyfished. The terrain was good for some good sized fishes hanging around. Long story cut short. Here are the pictures.

Everyone gunning for the big one

Mah’s darts which were good fun on light fly tackle

Aaron’s good size goatfish. A very good fighter plus good quality table fish.

My turn to tangle a goatfish. This one went to our dinner plate.

My “Wabi” that fight so hard that I thought I hit on a small trevally. Extremely persistent fish at its size.

Harvey with his strong Unicorn fish.

Paddletail Snappers that you have to yanked them so hard out of coral patches if not goodbye to your fly and leader.

My banded trevally only responded to double hand fast stripping of the clouser fly pattern.

Gan’s bluefin trevally

Mah’s unidentified fish

Aaron’s banded trevally

Closeup of different varieties of goatfish

David’s banded trevally and bluefin trevally

Hun the solitary hunter with his bluefin

I have forgotten the chronological order of the rest of the days which I shall just post all the random pictures as below.

One for the camera, Aaron!

Covering grounds

Gerard loading the flyrod to the max

Kelvin fighting his big Titan

Henry bullying a bluefin

Mah’s barracuda

Mah’s bluefin that broke his rod tip

Praying to God for more fish please!

Hun walking towards the surf to look for more fish

I accidentally foul hooked the flipper of a beautiful green turtle

Everyone landed bonefish in this trip which was the primary targeted fish.

Collection of some of the beautiful and elusive bone fish pictures.








My 6lb

One group picture before we said goodbye to Maldives.

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