Mervin Boey Fishing Note Book

Phantom Ghost of the Flats
January 24, 2010, 11:11 pm
Filed under: Fly Fishing, Great Stuffs

An introduction on the phantom ghost before my Maldives Flyfishing catch report.

By Wikipedia
The bonefish is the type species of the Albulidae, or bonefishes. It is amphidromous, living in inshore tropical waters, moving onto shallow tidal flats to feed with the incoming tide, and retreating to deeper water as the tide ebbs. Juvenile bonefish may be observed in large shoals of like-sized individuals with large mature fish swimming in smaller groups or in pairs. Bonefish are considered to be among the world’s premier Fly game fish and are highly sought after by anglers.

The bonefish, also known as phantom or gray ghost, is probably pound for pound the strongest and fastest running animal in the collective of salt-water fish. Bonefishing is a deep-water pursuit done in depths ranging from 18 to 88 feet. Ledge sporting currents; dropoffs along the edge and clean, healthy seagrass beds produce abundant small crabs and shrimps that bonefish prey upon.

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